Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Donna Decesare

Photo: Donna Decesare

Documentary photographer Donna Decesare will be at North Gate Hall Library, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism on Thursday Oct. 10, 7PM.

This is what the work of a dedicated photographer committed to the subjects and subject matter she is documenting looks like. It is not taken incognito at arm's length, with an extended prosthesis, behind an ever moving and concealed window. And as Ms. Decesare herself states- she goes up close, in your face and personal, not to shock and have you look away, but to grab your attention and engage you. View (and listen to) her work, as she gives voice to the voiceless and let's us into their lives- and them into ours.

Photo: Donna Decesare


Eric Rose said...

Richly printed images. The gun on the bed is a bit cliche but all in all a good collection.

Stan B. said...

Yeah, but then... so is the body- such is the grammar and context of said "genre." She at least manages to portray front right and center that momentary flash of absolute innocence, overwhelmed by the the madness we humans seem to guarantee.

The one thing we so often need to remind ourselves- we continually (re)create this hell we're born into.