Wednesday, June 12, 2013

La Rue- Sam Grant

There I was 10:30 sharp, waiting for the start of the nude bicycle race (well, more like bicycle ride); that's right, yet another opportunity for a plethora of photos featuring nude, sixty year old men- everyone's favorites! But after waiting a half hour with only one (zebra striped) participant in view, I took off on my bike (fully clothed). Went to South Park a quarter mile away, smoked a stogie, and went to Rayko Photo to see what's up on the walls. It's there that I spotted La Rue by Sam Grant (actually, Blake Andrews mentioned it while visiting recently- but I admittedly clean done forgot).

Photo: Sam Grant
It's quite small, and lovely, and something you just instantly want. The photos were taken with a cheap plastic camera, and unlike so much of the digital stuff out there today have a warmth, a personality, an endearing, charming quality that makes you want to return to them like the lovely little poems that they are! If only more people were as obsessed with taking photos worth remembering, as they were about pixels, noise and ISO...

Anyway, the stogie and La Rue made for one thoroughly enjoyable weekend respite, before I found myself returning to where I started- this time to find a sizable contingent of the aforementioned nude and wrinkled bodies. Was able to get in a few shots after all, but no doubt whose images had won the day, and for many a day thereafter...

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