Thursday, June 13, 2013

God Bless Edward Snowdon

He had it all. He could have easily kept his well paying job, his beautiful beyond words girl friend, and his successful lifestyle and career. No one ever threatened him, no one ever pressured him in the slightest, and there was certainly no prize to be had when all was said and done. He didn't have to do anything but continue living his rather fortunate life, unscathed and unconcerned- and yet act he did, and for the right reason... not that most people will ever give a flying fuck that he did it for them.

And now he must forever look behind his back for the remainder of his young life, looking back at a life that was once his.

"I will never feel safe," he said. "Things are very difficult for me in all terms, but speaking truth to power is never without risk."


Eric Rose said...

It would be easy to cast him as a hero. His disclosures about NSA spying on the US are admirable, however any reckless disclosures about the US's foreign intelligence gathering is just grandstanding and could endanger important operations. The loss of freedom in the US under the guise of counter terrorism is hideous and smacks of the worst kinds of oppression as practised by the very countries that the US is supposedly trying to protect themselves from. Ironic isn't it.

Stan B. said...

The only thing that's been endangered here is the reputation (once again) of our lying, secretive government- those who approved of spying on its own citizens, and those who have actively executed it.

Of course, they instinctively cry out as to how these revelations damage and compromise our national security, and yet they never thought twice about offering up one of their own when it came to Valerie Plame.

All these bastards work for the security of their own self interests (ie- those in power), we the people only figure into the equation in our role as occasionally useful (and willing) pawns.