Friday, September 28, 2012


Some may criticize SAMSARA for being an overblown Nat Geo come to life, void of any real message, and while there is no one particular message imbedded in this movie's DNA- it's pretty much bring what you've got and make it your own, because if you can't, there's a lot more wrong with you than any film can fix. Actually, I was struck that much of the film had a visual aesthetic much closer to COLORS magazine than Nat Geo, and even though much of the subject matter has already been covered by many a familiar photojournalist, the film does offer its share of surprises. For instance, despite our familiarity with photographs from Katrina, 70mm moving images of the same scenarios certainly add a depth and emotion absent when viewing them merely as stills- something to be learned there, or just a matter of familiarity?

Highlight: Heavily tattooed Latino in LA gently rocking and ever so lovingly caressing his infant daughter.
Should have been left on cutting room floor: Male performance artist doing his weird performance thing that had I don't know what to do with the rest of the film.

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