Friday, September 7, 2012

Compliance- Reality vs Disbelief

People walked out during screenings of this movie because "nobody could be that stupid." Apparently, they either knew nothing of the the facts, or were not as finely attuned (as they themselves thought) to what human nature is capable, or incapable of... I myself thought there were several times where the film probably took "artistic license" simply to advance the original premise of the escalating (and increasingly unbelievable) storyline.

Compliance was made on a shoestring budget, and at times it shows; and perhaps in part, because it did, in fact, choose to so closely adhere to the actual facts of the case, is not likely to go down in the annals of iconic film making. The facts that inspired it however are both compelling and undeniable, and what they reveal about us as Americans, and as human beings, are less than complimentary. For that insight alone, Compliance is well worth the look.

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