Friday, August 3, 2012

The Lost Legend- Rodriguez

Walk down any city block in any given city, and depending on the size of that city, you'll automatically walk past dozens, hundreds, thousands of legends in their own minds. Now what is completely and genuinely rare is- how many legends have you heard of who aren't even aware of their own uniquely singular status? And how is it that a living legend of South Africa with his roots in the Sixties is "discovered" alive and anonymous in his native America of the 21st Century?

Such is the very bizarre and intriguing story of one Sixto Rodriguez now revealed in the new documentary Searching for Sugarman- the story of a (supposedly) dead legend whose music helped inspire a political (anti-apartheid) movement in a foreign country while he remained unknown in his own to the very day. Hearing his debut album Cold Fact, one is surprised to hear a work that still resonates with a voice and poetry eerily reminiscent of equal measures Dylan and Cohen.

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