Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paolo Pellirazi- The Anastsia Photo Gallery

Photo: Paolo Pellirazi

The Anastasia Photo Gallery is by far my favorite in NYC. Unfortunately, since I no longer reside there, my access is somewhat limited- but I'm always amazed, humbled and inspired when privileged to enter this street level gallery conveniently located on The Lower East Side. This year I was treated to Paolo Pellirazi's panoramic wonders, full of beauty, humor and the inherent elegance these elongated images so naturally exude. The photograph above is one of the most beautiful color photographs ever taken in the history of photography. And as silly a statement as that might be, and is, you'd have a hard time arguing otherwise if you saw the actual print- such amazingly vivid color delivered with such swirling subtlety is nothing short of magical!

I've always had a soft spot for panoramics, which are kissed with a certain sense of magic whenever they succeed (which is often the case with Mr. Pellirazi), and am happy to add his name to the list...

Photo: Paolo Pellirazi

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