Saturday, August 27, 2011

The WhistleBlower

It's certainly not the best made film in the world, and as far from a feel good, date movie as one can possibly ever get- which is why it's a tribute to the ability of Rachel Weisz to keep you focused and involved in subject matter the likes of the human trafficking of underage women, subject matter that makes one want to deny even the slightest relation or association with anything related to humanity. 

I've heard people refer to the human race as a "weed species." After seeing this movie you leave full well realizing just how much of a step up that would be. The WhistleBlower depicts just one area and period of time that encapsulates an ongoing pandemic, one fueled by equal parts misogyny, privatization, and globalization. But however way you choose to describe or rationalize such behavior, you cannot escape the feeling, the reality that it is part of an inherent evil that is so very much of our collective (human) being.

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