Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

I'll be going home to New York come the beginning of September to visit the folks, and in particular, to be there for the 9/11 ten year anniversary  (unbelievably, 1st responders are not invited to the ceremony). I'll have much more to say concerning this anniversary come the 9/11 weekend (so please tune in then), otherwise the blog will be slow (as in very) for the first half or so of that month since I'll be away in the media capital of the world w/o so much as a computer (save for the rental at the frozen yogurt store across the street from my folks- if still there).

I look forward to seeing the new 9/11 WTC Memorial, although I wish the vast majority of my remembrances of and since that fateful day could all be magically wiped clean- along with the various criminals, liars and crazies that have managed to drive this country down to its very rims as we spark on down that long back road into fiscal, religious and civic insanity.

Actually, regular citizens will not be able to enter the memorial site itself until after 9/ll (it can fit only so many people due to ongoing construction)- and then only with a reservation, which I luckily just found out about through the site above (the museum will not open until 2012).

PS- Anyone wishing to join up for a beer in NYC, do let me know (along with the requisite: pierogies, pizza, bagels, blintzes, potato latkes, cuchifritos, egg creams, etc, etc).

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