Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Days Far and Wide...

Just became homeless. Battered by x-boyfriend trying to get away. Need room!! Please help. I've never had to experience this before so any help is appreciated!  God Bless U.

Recently came upon a couple of May Day references, one the rather poignant remains of a personal emergency I happened to stumble upon- the other, more specific to labor itself, that is, the May Day celebrated in most of the world today save for these somewhat United States where we have to celebrate our version on a different day and season so as to leave no doubt how much we disassociate ourselves from dirty Commie sympathizers. And so we ask ourselves- what is the state of labor throughout the world? Well, on the photography front (and as if on cue) we have this photo superstar to remind us just how far we haven't come... 

The (not so) funny thing is that you look at all the third world people he's photographed (and made money off of) throughout his career and you may come to the conclusion that he's quite the humanist. Perhaps I am mistaken, perhaps Steve McCurry is the most generous, giving person- after all, I know nothing of his personal life, little of his professional.

Then why would he behave like a selfish, shameless prick extraordinaire by treating up and coming youngbloods with such arrogance and disdain?

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