Monday, March 21, 2011

Lizzy Oppenheimer- Rest Stops

 Photo: Lizzy Oppenheimer

I love these! So simple and direct in their execution, so exquisite in their presentation, they remind me of my own travails throughout the American West, complete with that all too fleeting sense of freedom and empowerment one gets while driving hundreds of miles not knowing where one will spend the night, or the next. Each morning filled with the expectation and promise of good things to come in that first hundred miles, or the hundred after. New things to see and experience, to photograph and remember as we trudge through the remainder of our lives...

Photo: Lizzy Oppenheimer

These photographs bring it home for me, and hope Ms. Oppenheimer gets her Kickstarter* funded!
*FWIW- A brief explanation is sufficient- droning on endlessly does not enhance the experience. Let the work speak for itself, it does so handsomely.

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Kent Johnson said...

Love these shelter shots.