Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby I'm Amazed...

Now I'll be the first to admit that I sometimes have trouble telling my plutonium, uranium and cesium apart. Truth is, I really do try to put as much distance between them and me as possible on a daily basis. Don't much care for the whole freakin' lot.

So let me see if I got this anywhere near right... Men pour water on broken, crippled reactors (that had actually exploded to some unknown degree) because the water that cooled them down had escaped. Then when this water, whose purpose was to come into contact with said nuclear fuel rods to cool them the fuck down, in turn leaks out, nuclear engineers are shocked- shocked I tell you, gobsmacked beyond tarnation, that said water in turn has also become... radioactive!?!

This is is the manner of foresight, planning and training that permeates the world's most safety conscious and highly regulated, high tech energy industry in the world? Really? Seriously?


Eric Rose said...

step away from CNN. take a news break. ignorance is bliss. everyones life is better on prozac.

Stan B. said...

Eric- don't have cable, can't afford it- maybe I need... more TV? Prozac can't compare to its healing effervescent glow.