Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fraction Mag- Nan Brown

I previously posted on Nan Brown, if you didn't catch her then, do yourselves a favor and catch her fabulous trailer portraits at Fraction.


Eric Rose said...

Please enlighten me. What makes these photos so wonderful?

Stan B. said...

Eric, to the point I can enlighten anyone... First off, I just happen to like them straight off, they're very open and inviting, and yet retain a certain aura of mystery. And I was very fortunate to see the actual prints- relatively small, exquisitely printed, square format prints that almost come off as objects of art themselves. And I really appreciate how they appear to manifest their own separate personalities... portraits as Ms. Brown refers to them, which also refer back to their owners.

So while being quite open and straightforward, they also operate on a variety of levels- and if you didn't like them then, you probably still don't now!