Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thomas Michael Alleman- Sunshine And Noir

Thomas Michael Alleman

Just in case you didn't catch him on Lens...

Add yet another name to the depressingly expanding list of those that would have me denying any past, present or future association with photography in any way, shape, manner or form just as surely as certain apostles denied Christ three times over. And to further complete the utter annihilation of ego, to ensure that there is no chance whatsoever of retaining some small measure of dignity, resurrecting some minuscule semblance of pride- to drive the stake in further still and add the final twist to an already mortal wound, Thomas Michael Alleman accomplishes all this with... a Holga! A HOLGA!!! He won't even allow one the most basic of face saving ploys- the ability to state that I couldn't possibly get such results simply because I can't even afford his equipment!

Who needs a goddamn B&W "Revival" when someone's making work this outstandingly good right now!?!

Thomas Michael Alleman

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