Thursday, September 4, 2008

Subhankar Banerjee

Photo: Subhankar Banerjee- Exposed Coffin from Oil & Caribou Essay

A recent post on Photography Lot got me to thinking about Subhankar Banerjee again. Long story short- in 2003, the guy has a show on the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge in the premiere exhibition rotunda at The Smithsonian, and within days of the Republican Senate discovering the photographs contradicted the lies they were selling the public on behalf of big oil, his exhibit was moved to the... basement loading dock!

I wish I could report that every professional photographic, media, and journalism organization (not to mention Democratic Congressman) was so up in arms that the show was moved back, or rescheduled- or maybe that he was at least duly compensated otherwise. Of course, none of the above occurred, and today journalists and photographers can be arrested with impunity simply for doing their jobs in this land of the...

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