Friday, September 26, 2008


I got a theory that most artists are failed scientists at heart, but that's another post... Science however has been in the news of late: from the very beginnings of life, to the very beginnings of our universe as we know it, from the furthest depths of our sight, to the very realms beyond our mortal vision. Myths and legends of man creating life abound since we bummed around in caves- and now it appears we may be reaching that most dubious distinction. So how do we ever top that one?

How about finding out what goes on beyond this mortal coil? Science always gets queasy and weak in the knees when technology has not blessed it with the instrumentality necessary to achieve its objectives. If it doesn't have the technology necessary to measure, define and reproduce the object of its desire- it simply doesn't exist! And if it's anything that quantum physics has taught us- it's how little we do understand our everyday world, and everything else around us!

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