Friday, August 8, 2008

The Way of the World- Ron Suskind

Sure, anyone with half a brain knows we were lied into an illegal, immoral war resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and maimed. So why another book outlining how we got there?

Impeaching Nixon was relatively easy since it was primarily centered on one event and so well contained within his inner circle. This administration's crimes and illegalities are so numerous and so widespread with so many complicit well beyond the White House that if anyone, anywhere, will ever go down for any of this... more than ever, it will all be in the details. And this one's already making certain people very nervous with its well documented allegations of forged papers outlining Iraqi WMD- originating in the White House.

Then again, with the absolute myriad of gotcha moments the past eight years, why should this not be yet another ignored and forgotten high crime and misdemeanor?

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