Monday, August 11, 2008

Courthouse Confessions

One tries not to regurgitate what's on other blogs, but this item (via What's the Jackonary?) struck the proverbial nerve, for it encapsulates three of my major passions: photography, humanity (or some fickle semblance thereof), and NYC- about as intense a love/hate relationship all around as you can get.

While Thomas Roma's Enduring Justice was a subtle, powerful and revealing B&W essay that covered similar territory, Steven Hirsch's Courthouse Confessions ratchets up the lunatic intensity that so traditionally characterizes New York's denizens- his portraits definitely a "tad" more manic, with the subjects' own words providing some last ditch measure of insight into their urgency.

And if anyone somehow thinks Mr. Hirsch's portraiture doesn't rate because it bares semblance to some aspect(s) of "street photography," they got some serious blockage of some major orifice.
photo: Steven Hirsch

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