Thursday, April 10, 2008


Purpose is a rather unique online photography magazine in several ways. Most of the work they promote isn't exactly my cup of tea, but at least it's thoughtfully executed, and as a result often quite thought provoking. And there's usually at least one essay per issue that is either strikingly beautiful, or beautifully striking.

The other thing that separates Purpose from other online photo mags is that it reads and feels like a print publication. This is simply because its presentation mimics the printed page- complete with photoshopped gutters between magazine pages. Usually I find myself buying into this virtual magazine presentation, it makes me want to slow down as I take it in, carefully inspect its wares, and "turn" its virtual pages. The illusion is complete. Other times, I "wake up" and realize I'm being subjected (online no less!) to one of the premier mortal sins of the printed page, having the picture divided into segments by being run across a virtual gutter! Clearly, if online photographic presentation excels in any one dimension, it's the elimination of that god forsaken visual travesty!

If I'd compare Purpose to any other photographic publication, it would probably be Blind Spot, but unlike the latter print publication which strives to be so absolute cutting edge (and in the process limits itself into an utterly boring and predictable repetition), Purpose, at times, succeeds.


ageorge said...

That was one of the most enjoyable links I have clicked on in quite some time. Thanks!

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