Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jeffrey A. Wolin

I usually like my documentary photography unadorned- no gimmicks, bells or whistles, thank you very much. Let the photograph stand and speak for itself. Jeffrey A. Wolin's Written in Memory: Stories from the Holocaust is the rare exception where the medium is actually transformed to a higher level with the inclusion of the subject's own words and reflections- written on the photographic emulsion itself. These photographs take on a near mystical quality as words and images intermingle and interact to form a more complex and revelatory portrait of an individual's life and travails. Their printed words become integral factors of the photographic composition, just as life's traumas and injustices have shaped and transformed their very lives. An exceptionally beautiful, original and moving photo essay.

Mr. Wolin is currently working on a sequel to his exceptional Inconvenient Stories...

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