Saturday, March 15, 2008

State of the Union

It's hard getting it up to write about politics these days... at least for me. There's just been so many "gotcha" moments, so many "you can't make this up" moments, so many "there's no way in hell they can get away with this" moments. And the truth is, they'll continue to get away with it, till the very end. Our country has been led by a cadre of war criminals, supported by their own chosen phalanx of flag draped, war profiteers- and anyone ignorant of that fact, is so by choice. Those are neither opinions, nor the emotional rantings of exaggerated accusations, they are the facts- facts that even when reported, and made available, never see the light of day.

For the last seven years our country has been led by a documented deserter, who lied us into his fantasy war made flesh that has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of lives beyond the breath and scope of anything that Saddam or Osama could have ever possibly entertained. Thousands of those lives, innocent women and children, many at the hands of our own forsaken military. We knew what this man was like before any of this- this man who actually took pleasure in mocking a female prisoner in child like sing-song minutes before her execution.

Presidents, statesmen, public servants can strive to bring out the best in us, even when they fall so humanly short. Or they can ferment an atmosphere of fear, appeal to our basic greed, and let loose the dogs of war. We have learned nothing from Watergate, nothing from Joe McCarthy, nothing from Viet Nam. In exchange, we have learned to torture.

They have stripped us of our dignity, and we have let them, willingly. And we may have $600 to show for it yet...

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