Tuesday, March 25, 2008


First, apologies all around, after finally having the opportunity to actually read said article, it seems that the US did not "covertly cremate" Iraqi prisoners as recently alluded to (seems that well could have been the work of Saddam's ol' crew at Abu Ghraib). US personnel routinely tortured, and occasionally murdered only- my bad.

I found the following two concurrent sentences the most telling in the whole Ghraib/Harman article- the former concerning the inevitable chain concerning abuse of power, the latter particularly telling in a time when photography is said to have lost so much of its power:

"The only person ranked above staff sergeant to face a court martial was cleared of criminal wrong doing. No one has ever been charged for abuses at the prison that were not photographed."

Finally, very much look forward to Standard Operating Procedure (as I do all Errol Morris films), which can be found here.

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