Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Jose Banos (1923-2016)


JamesPreisch said...

So sorry for your loss

milldave said...

Dear Stan,

I've never commented on your site, though I've followed its progress over the last two years or so.
I lost my mother in 2007, after 18 months of coping with her dementia.
I had sought professional care for her, as she needed 24/7 looking after; it was the least I could do, after what she had given me.
My condolences to you on your loss; I can share some of your pain, but this is a personal and intensely private.
I applaud your decision to share your father's decline with us, your readers, as this is also a very hard thing to do.
I can tell you that time IS a great healer.
Thank you for sharing something so personal and rejoice in the love your blog followers have for you and your family.
With best wishes,

Eric Rose said...

Stan, my sincerest condolences. Your father has gone to a better place, anyway you look at it.

Stan B. said...

Thanks, guys- sincerely. I'm quite happy and relieved for him, it's really the best thing that could've happened at this point. No more anger, confusion and frustration- just some much deserved peace of mind...

Michael said...

Thank you for this, Stan, and for all the insights into your life over the years. This is a deeply affecting photo, showing much more reality than just the two dimensions and colors on my screen. Yes, what you've written guides the imagination out here, but this photo leads us right into your father's last years, no mistake. A great work of love.

Thanks again