Wednesday, March 16, 2016

3 Must Get, Must Get Books

Ryann Ford- The Last Stop

All three of these books document things that are pretty much no longer there, things from our collective past.  And although digital photography may be all about the instantaneous sharing of all that is brand spanking new and however fleetingly unique, the major strength of photography remains as it's forever been- its ability to freeze, capture and immortalize time. It's ability to now traverse the globe in seconds time is truly remarkable, but nothing compared to its original mission; a mission it continues to retain and faithfully complete, no matter how forgotten. And these three books remind us all of its inherent power to transcend generations young and old, analog and subsequent.

Chris Killup- In Flagrante Two

One book is an absolute classic that is being reissued. Another taken at roughly the same period is being published for the first time for all the world to see. And even the latest color offering testifies to monuments of time and lifestyle forever lost.

Christine Osinski- Summer Days Staten Island

Chris Killup is the kind of photographer that can do everything well (very)- portraits, landscapes, and everything in between. He's at his peak with In Flagrante Two; hard to find a mediocre shot in the entire essay. Summer Days Staten Island is yet another paean to the glories of B&W, as Christine Osinski searches for the heart, soul and underbelly of that fifth, and forever forgotten borough of NYC. Finally, Ryann Ford's The Last Stop is one living color tribute to the democratic art and architecture that formed America's once unique and memorable roadside rest stops.

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