Saturday, September 19, 2015

Donald Mussolini

Professionals with a lot more experience, who are paid a helluva lot more than me, have somehow yet to make the most obvious of obvious comparisons. The boasts, the posturing, the smirking disdain, absolute arrogance and utter disregard for anything resembling the truth; all so frighteningly  parallel and irrefutable, despite the disparities of time, ethnicity and  geographical location. 

And yet, in this age when we may repeat the same said mistake, with the same sad and sorry said consequences-  I have yet to see this most relevant of comparisons...  anywhere.

Chris Hedges- "Civilizations in the final stages of decay are dominated by elites out of touch with reality."


Eric Rose said...

Good comparison. I was thinking Trump/Stalin.

Damien Licata said...

I actually made this same observation to a friend while we watched the debates the other night.

Brian Rose said...

An Italian commentator in the Times compared Trump to Berlusconi, which I think is apt. Berlusconi, however, had no Axis to ally himself with, and no grand designs beyond his home country. He remained a small player on the world stage. Trump, were he to be elected, would become il duce with nuclear weapons and the largest military in the world. The thought is terrifying. On the other hand, he may just bring about the destruction of the Republican party, which would be a great service to humanity.

Eric Rose said...

Brian as they say great minds think alike and it seems those with the same last name are not only great minds but also think alike. A double whammy.