Saturday, July 11, 2015


Photo: © S. Banos

While in NY recently, most of my time was devoted to family matters, but I did manage to steal a little time for myself and make it to Coney, to which I haven't been in years, just in time to catch The Mermaid Parade. Back in the early '80s when it first launched, it was a rag tag, if sincere, affair lasting all of 20 minutes. Now it is a commercially sponsored enterprise which was still going strong some three hours after it commenced and I attempted to leave. And attempted is the operating word since the police had completely cordoned everything off; you literally could not cross the street anywhere to get to the subway- not anywhere! Had to wait something like an hour packed like the proverbial sardine until the cops felt like letting us cross the street.

I didn't mind the occasional rain, and I usually don't mind the effort- if I at least get the one (photo); but I don't think I ever want to go through that again. I don't mind not being privy to whatever's behind some cooler than thou velvet rope, but I can't tolerate having my movement restricted indefinitely on a public street- that's my parade.

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