Sunday, March 29, 2015

George Georgiou- Last Stop

Many of these photos from Last Stop lack the masterful compositions usually exhibited in a typical George Georgiou photograph, and for obvious reason- you can only compose so much from the vantage point of a moving bus. But what he does manage to capture is nevertheless testament to an unfailing eye which still devours all worth seeing despite the self imposed limitations.

Of course, he's far from the first to do such a bus assignment, Tom Wood's wonderful All Zones Off Peak being the first that comes to mind. But despite the firmly planted derriere, it's simply amazing just how many alluring dramas and curiosities he does manage to find out and about in the public commons. Did I mention I'm a sucker for accordion bound books?

Yet another this year on the if only I had money (book) list- we're only at the start of Spring, and they're already starting to pile up...

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