Thursday, November 6, 2014

Help Us, Save Us... Anyone!?

Well, the American people have spoken! Dissatisfied with our current lot and our current crop of ineffectual, so called leaders, we once again ran screaming to the flip side of the same sad coin to elect those who can get things done- and in the worst possible way. Case in point- soon to be Senate Majority Leader Mad Max Mitch O'Connell gathered mucho support because of his pro-US stance on Big Coal- his gun ho, yahoo supporters completely oblivious to the fact that his filthy rich wife is in the business of shipping in cheap coal from... Columbia (along with a little blow on the side). The "git the gov'ment out of my Medicare" brain fart mentality goes a long (long) way in brainwashing the Republican faithful, along with copious amounts of voter suppression and under the counter racism galore. These guys are determined to run whatever's left of the earth into the ground, out of the ground and straight into their ever lovin' pockets. And they won't stop until there's nothing left to hide behind...

9/21/14 NYC- Photo: © S. Banos

9/21/14 NYC- Photo: © S. Banos


Eric Rose said...

The main problem is an uneducated and ill informed electorate. Gone are the days of real news analysis or respect for those in authority. The latter part is well deserved I might add. Today people put more weight in the opinions of their Facebook "friends" rather than their own independent and in depth analysis. Group think is the norm now. The politicos have understood this for some time and have used social media and the likes of FOX news et al to manipulate voters. Quite frankly politicians in office are afraid of people actually getting out and voting, it might upset the status-quo. If voters would quite voting with their emotions and more with their intellect it would do two things. Change domestic and foreign policy dramatically and the type of person who actually runs for office. But alas nothing will change because the electorate is lazy and don't want to educate themselves about economics etc. They would rather form their opinions based on sound bites. Four billion dollars spent in this last exercise of pretend democracy. A travesty.

Stan B. said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Members of the public able to quote every team or player statistic and/or celebrity feud, should be able to acquaint themselves with the most basic socio-economic policies that control their very lives.

The only thing that I would add is that it's not a coincidence that the cost of higher education has sky rocketed while the oligarchy actively tries to dismantle what's left of our public education system, all the while expanding the prison industrial complex and introducing for profit prisons.