Monday, March 25, 2013

Display vs Story Telling

Photo: Gabriele Galimberti

Both of these essays have to do with personal possessions, and for the record, I like both of them, in fact, the color essay is more uniformly well photographed (it should be, the photographer exercised greater control towards that end) than the B&W (where the photographer allowed more flexibility of presentation). That said, there's no question which has the greater impact, which I will remember over the years, which has shown me more about a certain group of people, about life and humanity, anywhere...

The most important thing Ahmed was able to bring with him is Kako, his pet monkey. Kako and Ahmed made the five-day journey from Taga to the South Sudanese border together in the back of a truck. Ahmed says he can’t imagine life without Kako, and that the most difficult thing about leaving Blue Nile was having to leave his family’s donkey behind.   Photo: Brian Sokol

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