Sunday, November 25, 2012

"One For The History Books"

Or maybe they will announce the discovery of something else altogether!

Never A Straight Answer NASA already confirmed Mars was at one time loaded with water, and that pockets of it still remain to this day. So... this announcement ("one for the history books") could (should) only mean one thing- they're biding their time, crossing their t's, dotting their i's, to finally announce evidence of... LIFE! Microbial life to be sure, but... l-i-f-e all the same!!!

Curiously, NASA purposely chose to send up a microscope for the geologists, but not one for the biologists to see if we could spot their little Martian dance of life in a specially heated, specially treated, microbial stew. This is science that could have been done right now! And yet, NASA purposely chose not to. You have to ask if they first want to accustom the fragile (Christian/American) public to the very idea of "alien" life, before the absolute shock of letting us see the wee little boogers...

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