Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Glimmer Of Improbability

Big review of the photographic legacy of Paul Graham along with a few comments from yours truly at PhotoBook Club on his more recent exploits. But enough about him (and me), when is the up and coming photographic visionary of the 21st. century going to publish the beautiful, glossy, digital noise equivalent of this all time analogue classic??? 


Eric Rose said...

My thoughts on why film makers get called out when they dump a real turkey is due to the fact that there is no after market. One doesn’t buy a “print” of say RocketMan hoping to resell it for a profit years or months down the road. Since there is no investors market to speak of for old DVD or VHS copies there is really no vested interest in maintaining an artificially created high price for it.

On the other hand those that anoint artists as the latest and greatest have a vested interest in creating and maintaining a market for their products. Once deemed important an artist will most assuredly remain so. The reputations of those that make these determinations rest on it. The collectors rely on these people to insure their investments are looked after.

The art market is about as phony as the diamond market. Both artificial, well funded, and probably run by many of the same people.


Stan B. said...

Think you're on to something there, Eric...