Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Part Of Too Hot Or Too Cold Do You Not Understand!?!?

Seems the race to build the perfect Goldilocks "not quite as big as a DSLR, but almost/just as good" camera is running full tilt. But so far, except for one notable exception, the classic camera companies of yore just keep screwing up the too hot or too cold portion of the storyline- you know, the part where they actually get it "just right."

Olympus seems obsessed with reruns, as they continue to regurgitate past triumphs into present day mediocrities. Pentax screams to be taken seriously by innovatively stuffing much wanted "big" camera features into an admittedly smaller- but garishly clown costumed, Fisher Price body. Nikon figures they're probably gonna catch shit no matter what, so they opt for maximum return on the cute end of the mass consumption market. And Canon's response is to shoot their favorite point and shoot with their official embiggenizer ray.

Meanwhile, Fujifilm are the only cats approaching the whole scenario in a serious, innovative manner from start to finish, with results nothing short of impressive- just wish I could afford the damn thing (even if it can't manually focus)...

Personally, I'd be partial to one of these!


Eric Rose said...

Don't forget the NEX-7

Stan B. said...

Didn't forget- was reviewing what the "classic" camera folk were up to. I'm sure Sony #7 is fine and dandy, just can't take something that looks like a 4x5 film holder with a lens glued on very seriously- might see things different if I was twenty.