Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Americans Choose To Screw Themselves Into Oblivion...

Written back in the "better times"of 2004, and every bit as relevant on this Labor Day Weekend 2010. A step by step analysis...  of why Americans continue to kick themselves in the butt.

Yes, sir! May I have another...

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Stan B. said...

Todd B. K. wrote:

These are the sort of 'talking points' that the Dems should regularly be not just putting forth but hammering forth. On the 50th or the 100th hammer blow, the same folks who vote to destroy themselves might then have the tools to consider a different path.

Liberals have for too long assumed that multiple layers of craziness would be recognized as such by clear thinking people everywhere, and that it just wasn't necessary to explain details or give examples, while middle America eats the lotus and drinks the Koolaid in ferociously blind denial, their thoughts discomboobled by the never ending hammers of disinformation the liberals will not or cannot be bothered to battle.

Todd- I think we've gone well beyond that point. First, our two party system is itself a joke- don't you think the Dems would have done exactly that a long time ago if they truly wanted to put an end to this travesty? Both sides have profited at the expense of the public's ignorance. When an ordinary citizen like Michael Moore tried to break it down into little baby bites so that even the reddest of necks could understand- he was pilloried as the anti-Christ. And both sides have done their best to destroy what's left of our public education system- to promote and propagate our ignorant, emotionally amped selves well into the future.

Once ("in a land forgotten by time"), people caught red handed in there own web of lies and deceit would have to fess up and admit the obvious. No longer... That era ended with Watergate. Now you just keep amping up the lies, and the fear several notches at a time- common sense is no longer a viable factor. Entire careers are now created and sustained like this. How else do explain something like a Palin (or most of Congress)?