Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend Athleticism!

Friday I went to a ML baseball game, something I hadn't done in quite some time. I was quite astounded to find that a good third of the people there were only vaguely interested in the game at best. Stadiums have changed dramatically since yours truly was a child, back then there was the game, and outside of that you had hot dog stands, bathrooms and souvenirs. Now the game itself is secondary to the multiple bars, cruising areas, rides, restaurants, various on and off field entertainment- and don't forget the conveniently located baseball video games for reality disabled kids everywhere.

Saturday night I saw the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster- a rather fair and balanced (I kid you not) look at the role of performance enhancing drugs in modern sports. It focuses on the roles these drugs (particularly steroids) play not only on professional and amateur athletes, but on the lives of the movie maker's immediate family. Be prepared for a rather intriguing, informative and, yes, comical inquiry into the political, moral and physical side effects that these drugs impose on present day society.

Oh, and BTW... the Before/After photos shown above were taken on the same day! And not only was the After "buffed up," the Before was also "pigged out."

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